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Coronavirus vs Translation

Coronavirus vs Translation By: Innerlingua Translation Services  Worldwide Actions  The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has become a deadly virus attacking our immune system in many various ways. We are all getting to know what this virus does and why it is...

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The Art of Patents Translation

TRANSLATIONS OF PATENTS The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international system involving more than 150 contracting States. It is invested with a range of statutory functions to help and protect new developments and creations worldwide, collectively known as...

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Translation Companies in Texas

Due the large migrating pattern that the state of Texas had, we have seem an increase of the need for translators and interpreter in the state of Texas. This will come in rime where they have seem a movement form the Obama administration to talk about immigration...

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The PDF translation Dilema

In my years of experience we have encountered many challenges into the conversion of documentation from one language to the next, but nothing has been more complex like the PDF challenge. We had seen an increase in the amount of different third party software utilize...

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