Coronavirus vs Translation

By: Innerlingua Translation Services 

Worldwide Actions 

The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has become a deadly virus attacking our immune system in many various ways. We are all getting to know what this virus does and why it is important for us to understand how it works and what to do in case we get infected. 

However, There is also a disadvantage when situations like this happen. As all around the internet, many fake news might exist and this can cause confusion, and eventually create some sort of tension and chaos around the world.

Why is good communication important? 

Communication is extremely important as we can all understand what is happening and what to do, and actions we can take when outbreaks happen in our home town. (or even before the outbreak is happening)

But there is information that cannot be sent to other countries due to the lack of communication between two or more languages. 

In less developed countries, the information that is being given is not the same one as the information that is being given to more developed countries. This might be a clear example of why we need to have consistency in the information and to avoid the expansion of the virus. 

Why do we need an accurate translation? 

A good translation is important because if we receive a bad translation it can be badly interpreted and again confusion can happen. 

As more companies and centers are taking action, the importance of sharing an accurate translation can end up being beneficial towards individuals and can help us avoid further infections. 

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Why is it important to understand the terminology? 

Terminology is one of the most important things when we say something about what we are talking about,  and it’s definitely something people need to have in mind when they are reading about prevention of the virus or to know about the outbreaks that are happening. 


Organizations and Media can tell you all about the Virus.

Organizations such as the ones mentioned above are the ones that can be trusted, as well as news websites. 


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