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No matter what language you are looking for, we will make sure we get it translated for you!

Educational Fields

Innerlingua has worked with state and federal agencies, as well as private institution to improve the education process when it comes to foreign languages. We had translated material for Electronic devices for e-learning, training assessments, classroom aides, teacher’s guides, and university foreign credit validation process.

Engineering Fields

In technical writing, it is necessarily complicated to have the most accurate translation. Our staff has the background in engineering providing the one of the best services for your technical staff.
Bio-medical, Bio-mechanical, architectural, structural, microlectronics, mechatronics, environmental, nuclear, nanotechnology, metallurgical are some of the topics we can translate for you.

Technology Fields

Innerlingua specialize Apps, Saas language development, gamification, management of open- exchange terminology across different platforms.

Legal Field

Innerlingua offers to all legal professionals and institutions a complete range of services in the criminal, family, finance, immigration, real estate, and all the other general practices areas. From a transcript in a foreign language to an on-site deposition, Innerlingua understands the difficulties many legal professionals face when trying to convert their legal technical language into another foreign legal technical language. Innerlingua can handle a variety of legal settings, such as attorney-client meetings, preliminary hearings, depositions, and arraignments.

Other languages

With globalized economies, companies are facing the challenge of exporting-importing goods and services; when this happens, other foreign languages may be involved. Innerlingua has an experienced multilingual-consulting staff to help you achieve better communication with your clients no matter what field you need translation services.