Due the large migrating pattern that the state of Texas had, we have seem an increase of the need for translators and interpreter in the state of Texas. This will come in rime where they have seem a movement form the Obama administration to talk about immigration reforms. The truth is that as that movement continues to grow the possibility of an extra work load for the interpreters and translators in Texas will be much greater.
The classic birth certificate will come an essential part of the document to be translated just to name one of the vast array of dcumentation the goverment requires to be translated.
We at Innerlingua can provide you with the translation and the documentation including a notarized, certified, affidavit called the attestation.
Please make sure you get in touch with Innerlingua Translation at 1-866-664-4182 to get your translation done right. You can also send an email at joseburgos@innerlingua.com