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The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international system involving more than 150 contracting States. It is invested with a range of statutory functions to help and protect new developments and creations worldwide, collectively known as Intellectual Property.

Translation of patents are an integral part of the process to protect the uniqueness of the creation, ensuring correct acknowledgment and awareness worldwide. (If this is something your’re interested click here for a free quote!)

In 2016 WIPO, the UN World Intellectual Property Organization, perfected and launched the Inventor Assistance Program (IAP), dedicated to worldwide creators and developers with a limited budget. IAP can provide pro-bono professional services including translation (even with an automated online CAT system supporting Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Korean and European languages except Italian).

As a general assumption, we believe that for complex and sensitive matters MT can provide good documents that a gentle human touch is to review, smooth and perfect to gain maximum readability.

Moreover many international firms employ in-house translation teams, including bilingual experts with a strong background in specific working topics.

Translation of patents


Alternatively, patent translations can be outsourced to independent agencies providing this service within their legal offer.

As in other legal field, the essential objective is to provide a faithful, suitable correspondence with the original subtleties and details and a matching, outstanding legal jargon.

Translators will be somewhat knowledgeable or even graduate in the specific domain required; or at least they will prove talented for in-depth researching, to grasp the relevant concepts of the text to be translated.

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