As we are moving into the next decade, we are seeing to the creation of content is exploding. In the last 10 years the amount of content that has been written is overwhelming. Saying all this, it is important to mentioning consider the fact that much of this content at some point will have to be translated. These are good news for the translation industry. The more content that is being written, the greater the chance at some point that content will required to be translated. Nevertheless, this particular opportunity never come without challenges that we see moving forward when he comes to translation and localization. Even though translation has been going on for ages, the truth is that localization is fairly a new science probably less than 25 years old. The rapidly movement of electronic content has created a window of opportunity for those who would like to venture in creating tools that will facilitate the integration of the translation into different electronic devices just to name a few areas.
I will say that the greatest challenge that most companies are having right now from the translation point of view is that the end client’s that are not really seeking that exposure internationally, become more immediate domestic monolingual type of situation and really missed the boat when he comes so globalization and international opportunities. In my own experience, especially in the United States, smaller companies have the tendency to really don’t understand the natural curve of deployment of marketing into the whole world. I will say that is the job of translation companies really educate your clients about these opportunities. I also see that a lot of the resistance from those companies is to really spend the money and not allocate the necessary resources including budget to localize their products and services. As the world is getting more globalize, I strongly believe that though smaller companies will see that window of opportunity to really sell their products and services abroad and not domestically only, the ones that will cashing in the great opportunities the word defined in seeing in the early years. For instance, a company that those partial merchandising and retailing that only deals with the United States domestic market may think that this is the only place where they can really increase their sales and revenue by probably only selling in the United States. However, either service is so good and they have the ability to freely distribute let’s say in Europe just to give a place, there is a greater exposure that they can have throughout localizing their website into many of the languages that are spoken in Europe and capitalize in those markets that were not even consider as other sources of sales and revenue because they only thought about the domestic United States market.
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