We have experience in the past a pattern companies trying to hire straight interpreters to cut the a link in the supply chain. However, we have experience that project need to have Project Manager that will influence a lot in the quality of a translation. The true is that agencies will monitor the quality of the translation that one particular individual may not have. These will include the editing, translation, proofreading and even DTP, believe me. Therefor, if you are trying to cut corner getting things around please ask you self these questions:
1. Does the your translator has an editor?
2. Does your translator has a Translation Memory such as Trados?
3. How checks on you translator’s work?
Please consider an agency first before making that decision. We offer free estimate in Innerlingua. Give us a call at 1-866-664-4182 Toll Free or send us a email at sales@innerlingua.com.