As we move to weaker dollar, we find out there are more companies across Europe that are willing to take a chance in translations in the US. The quality of ethics that American companies have to offer with a good infrastructure of technology, makes it very attractive for companies in Europe in Asia. Last week we found out a client that wants to outsource their translation in Swedish from Scandinavia to America. Of course that makes lots of sense since they can have more bang for their buck compare with the rates they have to pay their Swedish counterparts. Globalization only will take a hike if we keep the level of integrity we must have to have sites that can be trusted. Even there has been many scams in the US with the internet hype, the laws regulating and the rules of the internet will prevail when agencies get highly scrutinized by independent bureaus, goverments, and professional associations that makes it much easier with the knowledge from clients, their translations will only be done by the good standards of ethics and honesty.
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