This week we had answered four request for proposals with different agencies across the United States. Dona Ana County in Arizona was the first agency that wanted to have quotations for translation of 16 different languages. They needed interpreters over the phone and also electronic delivery translations.
We also proposed to the California Department of Education. They also had several languages that need to be translated, review and edited. We are feeling that we had the capacity to get any of these contracts as long as they realized that our network is strong, reliable, efficient, and cost effective when it comes to translations. It seems more than agencies are becoming more concern about the soundness of the agencies than the work they can do. I’m sure they had enough reason to get in to this thought.
Next week we will be proposing to Texas A&M and also the State of Maine.
If you are government agency looking for and RFP for translations; please do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-664-4182 or give us a email at: