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I am a Spanish translator with 16 years of professional full-time experience. Due to the economic crisis, which has been my major supplier of work, has diminished my work flow and now I am in search of new contacts.
I became Certified in Spanish for the Life Sciences field (which includes medicine, medical devices, pharmaceutical and scientific), as well as for BMC (branding, marketing and corporate communications); to obtain these certifications I went through some very demanding examinations!
I am attaching an updated version of my resume (which includes my fees), and would like to know any ideas or suggestions in order for me to start working for you. Has the demand of translations also been reduced at your company? Is there tighter competition from other Spanish linguists? Are you offered a lower rate for translation by them? Namely, if I lower my rates for you, would I start the flux of work? I would appreciate your feedback.
So, I hope to hear from you soon! Kind regards,
Carlos Serrano