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Name: Ramesh Bhatt
Penname: Zihannasheen
D.o.b.: 26th Sept., 1959 AD
Place of Birth: Feud, Anantnag, Kashmir
Qualifications Literary: Poet; Writer; Translator; Copyeditor
Languages for Translations,
Transcriptions and
Copyediting: English, Nepali, Urdu, Hindi, and Kashmiri
Information about
this peculiar
language-combination: I began my march of life with Kashmiri as my mother-tongue; the medium of education in the beginning was Urdu, which is the official language in Jammu and Kashmir. Being a singer and lover of poetry, I managed to become skilled in this language when I was a youth. Hindi being the national language of India as well as the “religious/cultural” language of the Hindus, I acquired competence in it out of sheer devotion. English being the medium of Higher Education, international language and the medium through which I acquired most of my stock and store, there aren’t too many native Britishers or Americans that can stand higher than me in dexterity over this language. I have devoted my life to studies, for I wanted to (dedicate my life or) lead the world to its much needed change, and establish a better world for everyone, the higher world of the wise that could only be brought into being through a direly needed revolution, and though I couldn’t change to yellow even a single leaf of the evergreen tree of wretchedness, inhumanity, brutality, rabid selfishness, wars, etc.—for the presidents, prime ministers, cabinet members, kings, queens, princes and courtiers of donkeys, goats, jackals… scoundrels and idiots keep on ruling the world, and self-righteously and shamelessly admiring their “civilized beauty” while looking at their faces in the mirror of Narcissism—my personal capability accrued. I have been living in Nepal for the last sixteen years; and Nepali, Hindi and Urdu are complimentary to one another. The knowledge of these three sister-languages bestows me an edge, in terms of language-skill, over all my contemporaries that know just one or two of these languages.
Published Translations: (i–iv) Translated (national poet of Pakistan) Allama Iqbal’s “Kulliyaat” (i.e. all the poetical works of Iqbal in Urdu, viz. (i) Baang-e-Dara, (ii) Baal-e-Jabreel, (iii) Zarb-e-Kalim and (iv) Armugan-e-Hajaz) into Nepali. This work was translated under a contract with the Iqbal Academy Pakistan, Lahore., and they are going to publish it soon.
(v) Khalil Gibran’s “Secrets of the Heart” (this translation has been incorporated by the Tribuwan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, for their MA Nepali curriculum)
(vi) “The Prophet” (ISBN: 99933-5-076-1); and
(vii) Tagore’s “Gitanjali” (ISBN: 81-85693-83-8)
into Nepali
(v–vii above, are joint works with my co-translator);
(viii) Sahir Ludhinivi’s selected poems from Urdu
into Nepali and English–published as “New
Millennium” (ISBN: 99946-898-3-5); and
(ix) A selection of poems from Bimal
Koirala’s two Nepali anthologies into English–
published by Himshekhar Prakashan Kathmandu,
under Title “Slogans! Yes, I Write Slogans”
(x) Translated (from English) into Urdu, Hindi and Nepali, B Code’s The New Man is Emerging; Rudyard Kipling’s If; Plato’s Allegory of the Cave; R.N. Tagore’s The Kingdom of Cards and Where the Mind is Without Fear; Jonathan Swift’s A Voyage to Houyhnhnms; V.I. Lenin’s Revolutionary Adventurism and Leo Tolstoy as the Mirror of Russian Revolution; Dr. Raats Brau’s Don’t Blow Your Horn; and Zihannasheen’s The Ultrasavage Period in History; Modern Gentleman and the Civilized Man; The Suicide Bomber; A Century of Perversion; The Triumph of Talibanization; A tête-à-tête with Terrorism; The Criminal, the Terrorist, the Hijacker; India: The Jugglers’ Land; Letter of Greetings to a Hindu Mullah; Iqbal and 2003AD; The Scientist; The Plan of a Citity; and If I were the Prime Leader of Nepal.
Translated (from Urdu) into English, Hindi and Nepali Sahir Ludhinivi’s O Dying Man!; Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Speak; and Allama Iqbal’s Dead Heart is No Heart and Beyond the Stars; and Zihannasheen’s A Meeting with a Man-eating Monster and An Ode to a Muslim Mullah.
Translated (from Nepali) into English, Urdu and Hindi: L.P. Devkota’s The Demented and Bhupi Sherchan’s Wrong Seems to Me the History of My Land.
Translated (from Kashmiri) into English, Urdu, Hindi and Nepali: Abdul Ahad Azad’s The Stars’ Address to the Humans and Separate is My Story. All the material listed in (x) above has been published in Evergreen Readers and Writers
(xi) Have been doing (over several last years) the translations into Nepali, Hindi and Urdu of (mainly) the Education Department of Hong Kong. The jobs were assigned to me by Multilingual Translation Services, Hong Kong (
(xii) Translated Hanover Residents’ News, Christmas 2006 Issue into Nepali. The Job was entrusted to me by a reputed British Translation Agency.
(xiii) Translated from Kashmiri to US English a score or so literary articles by several Kashmiri authors , as well as the editorials from some Kashmiri publications.
The job was entrusted to me by a reputed Translation Agency of the USA.
(xiii) Translated from English to Urdu instructions about health and other things to the prisoners in the USA.
The job was entrusted to me by another reputed Translation Agency of the USA.
Published Works: “Liberating the Future from the Past” (ISBN:
Online Publications: (i) Tenzin Tseten, the Trail and the Trait of the
Time”–a historico-sociological novel for eco-
political education (ISBN: 99946-898-0-0)
(ii) The Most Perfect Man–a collection of two
stories (ISBN: 99946-898-1-9)
(iii) I’m MiniKashmir–a few aspects of the
Kashmir Problem (ISBN: 99946-898-5-1)
(iv) Fourteen Days that Mattered Not in the World–a work
about the current Indian society (ISBN: 99946-898-2-7)
Present Occupation: Chief Editor of Evergreen Readers and Writers
The information given above is true.
Ramesh Bhatt