The art of going form one language to another can be a bit challenging. However, transcribing and them translating can be a very time consuming. This types of assignments are becoming more and more frequent every day. Just to give an example, last week we took and assignment were the client wanted us to take several hour of a chemistry conference in German to be first transcribe in German (of course) and them translated in English.
Fortunately we have several translators working on these specific field that have the the scribing equipment as well as the knowledge to translate form German to English on this field.
This is the quality of translators you will find at Innerlingua translation. Our process has the most rigorous standards of quality the industry has to offer. Please call with no obligation for a free quote at Toll Free 1-866-664-4182 or email us at Also you can fax your documents at 1-866-929-6015