My name is Claudia Halas and I am writing to
you in relation to your add from the Internet
website concerning possible translation job from Romanian
to English.
I am currently in my last year at the
University Vasile Goldis from Arad, Romania, studying
a Modern Applied Languages Program in order to become a
professional translator and I would like to help you with
the translation.
In the past few years I spent a lot of time
studying abroad on different courses in English, French or
Swedish. During this time I have improved a lot my
knowledge in these languages in various fields of activity
but I have a particular interest in art/literature,
education & pedagogy, geography and traveling,
IT(software), law, politics and science. In fact, I have
even chosen to study some of these subjects as a part of my
education in University. More, as you can see from my CV I
am very gifted in learning foreign languages being able to
get into a Swedish speaking university after only two years
of living in this country.
Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from
you soon.
Yours faithfully,