Dear Madam,
I am interested in working for your company as a
freelance Maltese/English translator. There are a number of advantages inincluding me on your list of freelance translators. I work as a translatorand interpreter on a fulltime basis. Think also of the time differencebetween Australia and the USA that would work in your favour. This meansthat you could place all those urgent jobs with me for overnight completion.
I have over 23 years translating experience.I work
for about 40 translating companies in Australia and overseas. Matters withwhich I have been involved include the Goods and Services Tax, the Social Security Agreement between Australia and Malta, Malta’s entry into theEuropean Union, EMEA’ s pharmaceutical documents, Safety Data Sheets and the Wine
and Airlines Agreement between Australia and the EU and greenhouse emissions documentsfor the EU. Incidentally Malta has joined the European Union. Maltese has become one of the officiallanguages of the European Union. This could lead to a significant demand forMaltese translations.
In 1984, I became a fully accredited National
Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) level 3translator in the Maltese and English languages – both directions. I am alsoan AUSIT member – the Australian professional association fortranslators/interpreters. In 2002, I became a fully accredited NAATI level 3 interpreter in the Maltese and English language. In 2003 I obtained a
Specialist Legal Interpreting Certificate from the University of Western Sydney. In June 2004 I obtained a Certificate of Attendance forparticipation in Leukaemia and Bone Marrow Transplant in Children Workshop,in September 2004 I attended an Interpreting In Specialist Health Care Areas
program, in October 2004 I also attended an Advanced Interpreting SkillsWorkshop. Finally in August 2005 I attended an Interpreting in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Course. I am a higly experienced site andphone interpreter.
My three main areas of specialisations are:
* Medical
* Social Issues
* Finance
As a bilingual translator, I have a feel for both
languages that I work with, having lived and worked in both Malta and Australia. In other words, my translations won’t be stilted, word-for-word renderings.
I have extensive work experience in the commercial
world as I have managed successfully my translation, interpreting and tutoring business for 23 years. I have kept abreast with developments in the market.
I am University trained (B.A.(Honours) in Economics
from the Royal University of Malta). I have also studied statistics andeconomics at the Australian National University.
am highly “computer literate” (Word, Wordperfect,
Excel, Trados 7) which has proved useful when, for example, clients approach me withtranslation tasks requiring formatting and Pdf files.
I am also equipped with the latest office
equipment and a wide range of dictionaries and reference materials includingdictionaries for subject areas outside my usual fields of work.
My wife is a fully qualified radiographer and my
daughter is a registered nurse. I also communicate on a regular basis with the Chief Justice of Malta, Dr.Vincent De Gaetano. This means that I can rely on these extra resources when I am
translating health or legal documents.
I charge the following Trados Rates:
No Match – 10 Euros per 100 words
75{290f88b3d18ad9897f44e6f4a93883c7d1ffbfdf463e05778e7a5100c5b27d00} Match – 7.5 Euros per 100 words
100{290f88b3d18ad9897f44e6f4a93883c7d1ffbfdf463e05778e7a5100c5b27d00} Match – 4 Euros per 100 words
Minimu (up to 100 words) Charge – 20 Euros
I have attached a copy of my CV. Please let me
know what you think about the above proposal. Meanwhile have a very productive week!
Karmenu Attard