Dear Jose:
Attached is a high resolution color scan of a postcard that needs to be translated from a specialized dialect of Yiddish to English. The postcard was written about 100 years ago in Zhvanets Podolsk , not far from Kamenets Podolsk. This is an area in modern day southern Ukraine not far from Chernivitsi. The postcard will be a difficult translation because the population that used that dialect was decimated during the days of the “final solution” of WWII. I am sure you will find Yiddish translators that might know a few words here and there but the translation will be as difficult as a New York Times crossword puzzle for someone who is not familiar with the dialect.
It is my understanding that the jist of the postcard is that the family was contemplating emigration / relocation during those troubling times of transition. For the right translator it will be a snap. Otherwise it will be a cryptographic nightmare on the order of a New York Times crossword puzzle.

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