Many of the companies will like to sue translation machines because that is the way to save some money. Right? Is this a familiar feeling? Take for instance a cable company in the south of the US that wants to translate the employees manual to several of its Spanish speaker employees. The crew foreman asked me if the translations is made with machines. He means made with a computer. I explained to him that at Innerlingua we never use a computer aided translations. They had been some arguments about the quantity of the output an interpreter can do per day with such devices. The true is CAT can help you but you can never get them 100 percent of the time. Why? Simple. The level of accuracy is terrible. Most computer translations only will give around 70{290f88b3d18ad9897f44e6f4a93883c7d1ffbfdf463e05778e7a5100c5b27d00} depending on the target language. We had a great percentage of potential clients that ask the same question and with a good reason. Many companies will do it and the results will be catastrophic if the clients does not know the target language.
You can always be in confidence that here at Innerlingua we will never give you anything less that good human made translation. You can go our website at or give us a call at 1-866-664-4182 Toll Free.