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CAREER OBJECTIVE Position requiring communication, Interpreting, translation, proofreading and/or Teaching skills (ESL, English, and/or Spanish) within an institutional or agency setting.
EDUCATION M Ed. (TESOL). Fordham University, New York , spring of 1997. Graduate Courses in Bilingual Education (Spanish and TESOL). Major Courses include TESOL Methods. Linguistics (including English Linguistics); Study in a Language Other than English; Sociological and Anthropological Aspects of Language; Foundations, Theory and Practice of Bilingual/Bicultural Education; and Effective Teaching Effectives Schools .
Farleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, May 1994. Bachelor of Arts in English. Minors: Spanish and History. State University College at Geneseo , New York , May 1993.
09/07- Present: ICON Linguistics, LLC: Legal, technical, business, and teneral doucment translation, desktop publishing, software localization, linguistic consultating and customized foreign language solutions as well as foreign language and English audio transciption.
08/03-Pres.: Lan Do & Associates: Telephonic Interpreting and Translations (English<>Spanish): Courts, Law Offices, State Agencies, Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, Employers and Schools (among others): Alta Bates Medical Center, California American Automobile Association, California Department of Industrial Relations, California Department of Social Services, Disability and Adult Programs Division, California Pacific Medical Center, City of Berkeley, Department of Public Health, City and County of San Francisco, Department of Public Health, Community Behavioral Health Services, Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company, David Morse and Associates, Farmers Insurance Groups, Kaiser Permanente, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, Oakland Children’s Hospital, San Mateo County Health Department, Mental Health Services Division, State of California, Department of Corrections, Patton Hospital State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), State of California, Department of Pesticide Regulation, State of California, Personnel Board, Bilingual Services, State of California, Public Utilities Commission, State of California, Victim Compensation Board, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, University of California, Mt. Zion Medical Center, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security, Administration
US SSA – Office of Hearings and Appeals.
04/06-07/06.: CTS: Telephonic and “On Location” Interpreting and Translations (English<>Spanish): Courts, Law Offices, State Agencies, Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, Employers and Schools (among others).
02/06-Pres.: LLE: same as above.
12/05-02/06: Teleinterpreters: same as above, as well as Insurance, Call Centers, Telephonic Companies, Government, Import/Export, Health Care, Banks/Financial, Police/911, Airlines/Travel, Legal, Judicial.
07/05- the end of my contract [12/01]: Telelanguage: same as below, as well as sight translations, summarizations, transcription, telephonic interpretations, and document translations.
02/05- Pres.: Language Service Associates: Telephonic and “On Location” Interpreting and Translations (English<>Spanish): Courts, Law Offices, State Agencies, Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, Employers and Schools (among others).
Clients: Interpret/Translate for State Agencies, Courts (Immigration, Civil and Criminal), Law Offices, Correctional Institutions, Hospitals, Health Departments, Employers (employee meetings), School, Asylum-85 Survey – APSO, Labor Departments (Disability, Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation), New York City 311, and Auto Insurances (among others).
Simultaneous, Consecutive, Sight Translations, Written Translations, On Location Interpretations, Transcriptions, etc.
09/03 – Pres: Nurse, Assistant, translator and advocate: Luisa Oyarzun
10/02 – 11/03: Morris County Superior Court: Morristown , NJ : Interpretation, Written Translations and Publications.
10/02 – 09/03 Dover’s Board of Education: TESOL Teacher, Test Administrator, and School Translator (among other duties).
03/97 – 6/97 ESL Instructor, La Guardia Community College/ NYC Board of Education.
Responsibilities: Prepare Lessons for Tutors, Participate in Holistic Readings to grade all students’ final exams; Meet with the State, Report on Materials used in ESL, rationale for using them, research about students placements and location before and after ESL Service at PS 38, write about 250 pages report for the state, monitor different grades during Book Shows, Decorate ESL Room, meet with each teacher previously to writing ESL lessons plans, monitor students who were not being tested city test times, attend-participate in ESL-District-Workshops, test every student for the next year placement (LAB), send letters to parents of tested-out and opted-out children and photocopying materials for instruction, among other duties.
09/96 – 3/97 ESL Instructor, La Guardia Community College.
Responsibilities: teach ESL to Hispanic college students (paired courses); worked with Dr. Mark Rodriguez to transfer the skills from English to Spanish and vice versa, teach ESL to diverse groups of college students (Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Greek, Haitian, Vietnamese, etc.): teach them computer skills as well as writing; write lesson plans for tutors; assist with the writing-topics for Mid-term and Final Exams; do the ESL Dept. Holistic Readings, select text books to be used in the ESL courses, read books and write lesson plans for the tutors and observe and evaluate adjuncts staff members as well as colleagues.
10/95 – 6/96 ESL/Bilingual Pedagogue. New York City Board of Ed. 65 Court Street; Brooklyn , N. Y. (P.S. 25, Elementary School. District 7).
11/94 – 6/95 ESL/Spanish Teacher. New York City Board of Ed. (I.S. 93, Intermediate School . District 12). Exceptional Children.
08/94 – 11/94 Translator/ Secretary/Assistance: Dr. Nyla Lamm (Professor of Education at Columbia University ).
Responsibilities: Assist Dr. Lamm in her research about behaviorism/ Autistic children.
07/92 – 08/92 ESL Instructor, Boces Geneseo Migrant Center . Taught English Language and Culture to Migrant Workers, Conversational and Written English: grocery shopping, everyday vocabulary, and medical terms.
05/92 – 07/92 Secretary: Instructional resources, SUNY Geneseo.
02/91 – 07/91 Activities Coordinator Assistant: responsible for supervising and promoting activities for 35 pre-freshmen at SUNY Geneseo.
Strong Communication Skills: Fluent: Spanish/ English.
Computer Literate: Internet, E-Chalk, Macintosh, IBMs, McWrite, MacrosoftWorks, MacrosoftWord, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Outlook Express, Word, and others.
Comfortable in Multicultural Situations.
Limited Knowledge of Sign Language.
AFILIATIONS (international Translators/Interpreters Organization)
Go Translators (same as above)
09/03 – “ Pres. Nurse, Assistant, translator and advocate: Luisa Oyarzun
10/02 – 09/03 Conference Assistant: Assisted Conference Presenters and Administrators with setting up monitoring, and coordinating conferences.
Translator: East and North Dover Elementary School : written and verbal translation for both schools (parents, students, teachers, and anyone who needs translating services).
Photographer: Picture Taking for Children and Parent/Writing utensils and Paper Monitor: Christmas Gift Party.
Teacher/Parents Association: attended P-T Meetings and gave input regarding different issues concerning the schools, Dover Board of Education, and the Teachers Union.
TESOL Tutor: tutor adults, functional English and Citizenship.
08/97 – 07/98 Bilingual Tutor: Javier Ortiz, NYC Educator.
09/96 – 06/97 Attended and Participated in CUNY Mediation Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, N.Y.
Advice CUNY students academically
Present ESL Workshops: District 4/ P.S. 38
Locate and carry about 300 flying toys for children at P.S. 38
Decorate Bulletin Boards
Attend/ Participate in CUNY Students Learning Conference.
09/96 – 06/97 Translator: translated for students when they solicited it.
Writing Tutor: assisted students with their papers when they solicited it.
09/93 – 04/94 Personal Writing Tutor: Luisa Martinez, Undergraduate Student at City College , N.Y. Personal Writing Tutor: Caridad Escalante, Undergraduate Student at BMCC. Personal English, Writing, and Math Tutor: Alberto Puente. Undergraduate Student at Lehman College .
09/96 – 06/97 SUNY Geneseo Mediation Program: assisted students in resolving interpersonal problems, Earned Mediation Certificate from the Center of Dispute Settlement of Rochester, N.Y.
01/93-05/93 English Tutor: OATKA, youth correctional facility. Secretary/ English Club SUNY Geneseo: assisted in organizing club events.
05/91 – 12/91 Personal Tutor Spanish: Dr. Ramon Rocha, Assistant to Vice President for Minorities Affairs at SUNY, Geneseo.
08/88 – 5/89 Personal Tutor Spanish: Joel Barskey, Social Studies Teacher at Julia Richman High School , N.Y.C.
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