I am writing to apply for the position as a language interpreter or/and translator at your firm.
Olga is available at Innerlingua Translation services www.innerlingua.com, sales@innerlingua.com 1-866-664-4182
My experience and skills are summarized in my resume. I am a professional language interpreter with almost 7 years of experience in interpreting, translating and providing professional training in Russian and Ukrainian languages.
My area of experience includes medical, media and event management and educational services. You may also be interested in several other qualifications which I would bring to this position: Accuracy and efficiency, analytical/critical thinking, initiative, composure and priority setting to name a few.
I would appreciate your review of my resume along with more information regarding this wonderful opportunity. I would love to meet with you and discuss further.
Olga Petrenko
Objective To obtain a challenging position in an environment where my skills as a language interpreter/translator and trainer can be utilized to the fullest and provide platform for professional development.
Work experience Over 7 years of experience as a freelance language interpreter/translator. I have also delivered Courses in Russian, Ukrainian, and English both in classroom and 1-1 environment.
Excellent Written and Presentation Skills.
Work Profile :
M-1 Global and Sibling Entertainment, Corp
Press conference and one on one interviews of Fedor Emelianenko with NBS sports, Sports Illustrated, WSJ, Esquire magazine, Mark Ecko.
CP Language institute, Inc ,NY
New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia , New York
New York Presbyterian Hospital – Cornell , New York
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Beth Israel Medical Center, New York
Hospital for special surgeries , New York
Goldman Sachs, New York
“Svitlo” institute of languages, Kiev, Ukraine
Clothes manufacturing firm, Voznesensk, Ukraine
Interpretation: Provided Language interpretation services in legal depositions, medical,
business meetings, conferences, tourist excursions and other areas where effective
Communication mandates the use of a linguistic intermediary.
Telephone Interpretation: Delivered telephone interpretation service for various
types of clients and requirements.
Language Instruction: Delivered customized language instruction programs and course development services for students of all ages and all levels of proficiency via individual
tutoring and group classes. Rating for my classes have been around 4.5 on an average out of a maximum of 5.
Translation: Delivered Professional transcription services for clients in the medical, commercial, legal, scientific and financial industries, among others.
Articles for Word/ Слово magazine
Play “Vivat princess”
Website Translation & Localization: Website translation and localization involves more
than the presentation of content in the above foreign language. My work ensures accurate translation, appropriateness of graphics and color schemes, as well as the culturally appropriate display of numbers, characters, and symbols.
Foreign Language Monitoring : Russian subtitling and monitoring for Nortel ,a fortune 500 communication services firm’s new global Wimax product launch.
Education and Training “Bridging the gap” certificate
Kyiv International University, BA in Linguistics
Voznessensk High School – Graduated 2000
Skills Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Prima Vision, Photoshop.
Fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian, German (translations preferred), French (some knowledge)
All Client References available on request
Thank you for your time and your consideration.