Hello Jose,
It was great speaking with you today! I would like to thank you for letting me send you information with
our company´s updates and rates.You will recieve them as an attachment along with this e-mail.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further questions.
We are offering a 20{290f88b3d18ad9897f44e6f4a93883c7d1ffbfdf463e05778e7a5100c5b27d00} discount the first translation English to Spanish. Don´t forget to take advantage of this!
Our main subject fields are IT, oil and gas, employee and product manuals (safety, training, operation of machinery and
products in many areas), technical,medical, pharmaceutical, many different projects for language schools,
legal documents (incuding the formating that sometimes requires a graphic desinger) and that is just to name a few
of the areas.
We count with a large pool of specialized translators all over the world. So if there ever is a project on which you think
you would like to work with us, you can ask if we have the right translator for the job.
ECOLE’s purpose is to satisfy the translation, interpretation, and the other
linguistic needs of our clients in any of the several languages that we work
with (see attached file). We make it our responsibility to communicate our
clients’ products, ideas, and/or services in the language, format, and presentation
desired so that they can be flawlessly reproduced and presented to the target population
The best part for our clients is that given our global staff and the fact that a large
majority of our translators are based in Buenos Aires , Argentina we are able to
provide very competitive prices for our work without sacrificing the quality of our
finished projects.
With that said we are writing today to share with you the possibility of collaborating
our efforts in order to take advantage of a mutually beneficial opportunity.
As mentioned, a highly concentrated portion of our translation to Spanish
staff is centered in Buenos Aires with other offices in Boca Raton , FL and
Montevideo, Uruguay. Our certified translators are highly qualified, experienced
native speakers so we are always assured of high-quality, accurate translations
of manuals, web pages, legal documents etc. Furthermore, given that
we have pools of experienced translators in all specializations the ideas,
perspectives, marketing tactics, technical jargon and styles that they
contain remain true in the completed work after being translated into the
target language. It is also important to note here that due to a very competent,
talented, and skilled team of graphic designers we are able to accept projects
in any type of format or presentation and return the finished product in that very
same format and/or presentation. Thus, we cut out that “middleman” effort of
coordinating technical, graphical, or website issues with the translation project
and take the project in its entirety as our client wishes to present it and complete
it ourselves in order to guarantee that the final product in the target language depicts
exactly that which we received in the original.
Rather than competitors in the market of linguistic services we see ourselves as
potential partners to work with you by helping to reduce your costs and coordination
efforts while maintaining your high quality standards. We would like to encourage
you to take advantage of this opportunity to take a look at our work by sending
us a potential project and letting us estimate the costs of production.
Please take a few minutes to have a look at a more detailed presentation regarding
ECOLE ARGENTINA in the PDF file that I have attached to this e-mail. You will also
find an attachment with a reference list containing some general rates. Please
keep in mind that rates can vary according to the frequency and volume of projects
we are receiving from your agency. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships
with our clients and realize the importance of maintaining strong business ties with
them so please understand these rates are not set in stone. Please feel free to call or email me
at any time. I will up follow with you on Thursday. I wish you and your business the best.
Thanks again for your time.
Sincerely ,
Nadia Murad
Agency Liason