Innerlingua Interpretation Services,
I recently moved here from Baghdad, Iraq where I am from. I have many innovative skills working for the US military as a translator covering all facets of the news media and coordination of major Iraqi war events which included the trial Saddam Hussein and his counterparts. I risked my life every day to get to work in which I was proud to do, monitoring the media to make sure the information was accurate when US military was involved.
Pertinent job related skills include strategic communications, community relations, interagency communications, media relations and English to Arabic and Arabic to English Translation. I was responsible for communications between the Coalition and the Iraqi Government, trained media relations to members of the 33 Iraqi Ministries, was a primary translator for written and oral communications and was a coordinator of media events to include press conferences, interviews and press releases, media trips and media events
My skills and experience are reputable and well rounded and would be excellent for your needs as a cultural educator. My specialty was covering Shiite provinces events in southern Iraq such as Karbala, Najaf, Nasiryah, Imara and Basrah and Sadr City in Baghdad. This also included special media coverage’s for the Al Mahdi Army and Muqtada Sadr.
My job experiences have geared me for many opportunities here in the United States which includes many job career directions. I would like to expand my job experiences to further my career and gain new experiences for the American job market.
If you have need of more information, I will provide upon request. I am excited to apply for this job and look forward for the opportunity to interview.
Ali Musket
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