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Life Sciences

Innerlingua has been the main provider of translations for many companies in the life science field. These include pharmaceutical trials, medical equipment, patents, publications, conferences, periodicals in compliance with international standards agreements. At Innerlingua, we keep the most rigorous test in quality control to reassure the documentation has the levels of accuracy needed on this field.



From CAD Design Certified Drawings, Desktop Publishing, to general content of technical writing with multilingual terminology management for manufacturing companies is an essential. Innerlingua had worked in projects in robotics, industrial machinery, tools, dashboard consoles, military equipment, among others. We have linguist /consultants that specialized in the energy, industrial, civil, mechanical, aerospace, agriculture, bio-chemical, electrical, environmental, geological, maritime, and mining fields.



Having an excellent translation is part of the communication process. Innerlingua provides translation for patents, contracts, accounting records, audits, international merger and acquisitions documentation, news releases, financial statements and all documents pertaining to your business.

Innerlingua also offers ExpressTrans Service, an expedited service that sends all notarized translations around the world. ExpressTrans is good for all legal diligences including: Immigration vital records (Birth, marriage, adoption and, divorce certificates, etc) for USCIS, H-1 working visas, passport supporting documentation for DS-82 and DS-11 forms.

Innerlingua also is compliant with all the documentation with apostilles (in accordance with the convention of Hague October of 1961) for consular affairs.


International/ Cyber Forensics

Knowing the exchange of information your company across multiple worldwide platforms could be a challenge: Emails, coding, electronic content in general are crucial in when data exchanges are happening in cyberspace. Disguising that content in other languages may be use for the creation of fraudulent activities, theft of intellectual property from internal and external origins. We are able to extract to translate such content to prevent or resolve those potential issues.